Monday, January 9, 2012


Christmas was great this year with the trip to the Christmas village to see Santa, Heath was very specific about what he wanted and described everything to Santa very carefully. You can see his reaction when he got something that was on his list and when he got something that was not on his list. You can see Jane's excitement to get her dictionary (what 6 year old asks Santa for a dictionary?) All in all it was a fun day, but it is nice to have it over with for another year.

Sea World

We had a whale of a time at Sea World with only one fit thrown the whole time. (See before and after picture of Heath) We got to feed and touch the dolphins and Heath made sure that Kristine got to touch them too, as she had told him she had never touched one before.
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California here we came!

I can't believe how fast this year has gone, here's the main points in the last couple of months. We got to go to California with Grandma Marci and Grandpa Dave and had a great time. The kids had a blast, and so did the adults. We couldn't keep Grandpa Dave off the rides, he just kept going. The best part was Heath having to give Chip his autograph as seen in the picture, he figured if he wanted theirs why wouldn't they want his?
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Halloween was great this year after the kids finally decided on what to be. Jane ended up as a vampire and Heath finally decided on Hulk Smash (not to be confused with incredible hulk so don't ask him or he'll get mad, and you don't want to see him when he's angry.) I was kind of pulling for Elmo spiderman but I guess that's only something you wear to the doctor's office. Lots of candy was to be had after the annual McKay Dee trick or treat parade, school parties and the Dinosaur park with the Pratts. In fact I think we still have some so stop on by.
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Monday, September 5, 2011

TOU Half

And finally, the running of the TOU half marathon was a lot of fun with some new faces to the group. Rob and Sherstine did amazing as this was their first half marathon. Richard and Sara and friend were great to have there for motiviation and Kristine left everyone in the dust, especially Kara and Kindall who finished which is all that matters. All in all it was a fun day with family and friends.
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Dog days of summer

Getting close to the end of summer we had a lot of time to reflect on the meaning of life while pulling the tube. The Weber County fair had a couple of new participants this year which turned out pretty good for our family. Now the eggs that we sell will go for a premium price as they are blue and red ribbon winners. The kids chose a day at Chuck E Cheese for the day before school started with lots of games and prizes gallore. And of course to top it all off was Reed's wedding. My favorite picture in this one has to be of Heath and Jane asleep, this was taken roughly 5 minutes after they were both complaining of how they couldn't fall asleep because they were scared. My favorite line of Kristine's is when she tells them, "you should be scared, scared of me coming in there!"
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Summer rewind 2

On the way home from the Grey's we got to hang out with our long lost friends the Baughs and the Slavens in Bear Lake. It was a lot of fun to see them and let the kids play for the afternoon while catching up. I wish we all lived closer together so we could do this more often. The zoo was also featured this summer along with Lagoon with the family, Flaming Gorge which led to many star pictures and tubing. As I'm labeling my favorite pictures in all the collages this one has to go to the neighborhood bike parade where Heath found his own bathroom, you gotta love little boys!
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